Thinking of doing N+ before CCENT but not sure which book to get

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Hi, I am looking to do get my CCNA and it seems I should look into doing Network + and I was having a look on amazon for a study book and I'm not sure which book to go for.

The books I've looked at are :

Todd Lammle's book
CompTIA Network+ Deluxe Study Guide: (Exam N10-004): Todd Lammle: Books


Michael Meyers book

CompTIA Network+ All-in-One Exam Guide, Fourth Edition: Michael Meyers: Books

Will a book be enough for this cert? I have been advised that doing the Network + would be beneficial before I get into the CCENT/CCNA, so if there are better study aids please let me know.

Any help would be great!


  • zrockstarzrockstar Senior Member Member Posts: 378
    I have the Meyers book for A+ and the Lammle book for CCNA, but neither for the N+. I can tell you that both authors have a really good, conversational style of writing. Meyers is pretty well-known in the CompTIA realm, and Lammle in the Cisco world, but I would just read reviews and samples from Amazon and see what you think would be best for you.
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    I stuck with Exam Cram A+ and Network +. Passed 1st try on both tests. Your mileage may vary but I just appreciate a slimmed down fact driven narrative.

    I had tried Meyers Passports and it just didn't have enough information for my liking. I did get the 10-005 exam cram even though I took the 10-004. The new objectives overlapped with my CCENT studies well. It gave me a headstart. Good luck w/ whatever you choose.
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    im at reading the todd lammle n+ book currently and i couldnt be more happy with it. his style of writing is much better then meyers in my opinion
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    Well I decided to go for Todd Lamle's N10-005 book as I got to read a little of it and I liked the style (also bought his CCNA book). So I plan on reading through the book and i'm going to watch Professor Messer's online videos and hopefully that will give me a good grounding for the N+. I have read conflicting views on what I should do when it comes to actually taking the exam as people say that if you plan on getting the CCNA (which I do), taking the exam is a waste of money. I plan on taking a Cisco Network Academy course in September at my local college so starting from the beginning of March I plan on doing about 15 hours per week on N+ and I was wondering if an August deadline was achievable if I do in fact go for the exam?

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