Recruiters or Leeches?

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Ok, Ive passed a couple certs, gotta couple years of hands on in various areas, all that good stuff. Relocated to a city with more $$$ potential. So I get the bright Idea to post my resume on some of the 'well advertised' job search sites.

The following week I get a couple calls. All from recruiters and 'agencies'. I prefer contract work as i can make more $ but Ive never did the recruiter/agency things. I dont know anyone who has used them either so....

Any major issues or look outs I need to be aware of? All I know is they make $ off of anyone they 'place'. And some people make it seem as though they just [stick] you somewhere so they can get paid..... ANY thoughts? icon_idea.gif


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    My advice... Make sure you read the terms of use before you post your resume online ... Some of those sites might sale your info to a 3rd party for marketing purposes ...
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    There is some truth to the thought that recruiters will stick you anywhere to get paid. I have had some bad experiences, one in particular was because of the actual company I was working for rather than the recruiter.

    Its always hard to gauge a job by what a recruiter says or from an interview even (especially when they straight out lie) so you just have to go with your best judgement.

    And always try and negotioate a better price with the recruiter. The company usually has a set price with the recruiter and then the recruiter has to get as much margin as they can from you. There is usally a lot of room to move, especially if you interview well.
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    be careful and make sure the recruiter has the written offer for the job from the company. i just got screwed this past week because the recruiter said i had the job on friday and was to start monday. so i quit my job without having time to give my current employer a notice and then i got a call from the recruiter sunday telling that i didn't get the position after all and that they had a verbal offer but didn't have the written offer yet. so now i'm unemployed. i like to give at least a few days notice, but this job was too good to pass on. icon_neutral.gif
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