Wanting to pursue CCNP, quick question.

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After I take my ICND2 I'm going to pursue the CCNP.

I was wondering if taking the CCNA:Security and Voice would benefit my knowledge going into the CCNP.

Voice and Security are both topics I'm really interested in, but, I just wasn't sure if I'd get a certain percentage through the CCNP and think to myself, "wow, i really should have taken the CCNA:Voice because I don't fully understand this topic".

The way I'd like to work it is; Take ICND1+2, go onto CCNP and then go back and study CCNA:Security and Voice.

In my line of work I have access to a lot of cisco devices so the cost of equipment really isn't applicable since I can just borrow equipment for a period of time.

Any input will be much appreciated.
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    I haven't taken the CCNA: Voice, but I'd imagine based on the material I learned while studying for the CCNP, it would be helpful for both Wireless and Voice exams.
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    Having done CCNA-Voice and worked through some of the CCNA-Security, there is not a lot (if any) of cross-over from them to the CCNP R&S track. They are totally different beasts...
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    Switch has some (marginal) crossover with the Security track, but it's really minimal. I don't think there would be any crossover with the voice track.
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    +1 to the responses. I was studying for the Switch test then shifted to CCNA Security and didn't really see much (if any) overlap between the two.
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    I appreciate the replies folks. On to CCNP after ICND2.
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