PWS - Peer Web Services?

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I see this mentioned in the Printing TechNote ("PWS on a Windows 2000 Professional print server"), and the HELP files (use "peer web services" as the search text, select "Connect to a printer using a browser" on your Win2K Pro machine) but I can't install it, and the MS site states:

"Neither Personal Web Server nor Peer Web Services are included with Windows 2000 Professional, nor can they be installed on it. " See:;en-us;307439 for full text.

From what it states, only NT 4.0 had it.

Is there some method whereby PWS is available on 2KPro that I should be aware of for the 70-210 test?

Perhaps by an upgrade from NT? But it states PWS is replaced with IIS 5.0, so ?????? icon_confused.gif
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