Does the 70-662 & 70-663 exam have simulation questions?

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Does the 70-662 & 70-663 have simulation questions?

I was told that none of the new generation microsoft exams have simulations questions, is this true? This would definately change how I would study for the exam compared to the past.



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    No sims, however 70-663 had a TON of drag and drop. 70-662 was just questions.
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    Thanks for your response.

    Im taking this exam in Late June. I Started out using the Trainsignal Exchange 2010 videos but after the first 4 chapters videos I had a hunch that this would not be enough. So I bought the sybex book Exchange Server 2010 (ISBN:978-0-470-62443-2) which covers 70-662 and 70-663. The book is ok. I also bought Exchange 2010 Inside out which I haven't glanced at yet. Im trying to follow along with the labs in the sybex book at some points it will tell you do something but never mention anywhere what should be done before you can do it.

    For example:

    1) Ok you want me to add exchange cert to my what point were you going to tell me I needed a CA authority on my lab domain

    2) Ok you want me to create a public folder replica but at no point did you tell me i should have built another exchange server

    All of this I figured out but when you write a technical guide you should include every step and what needs to be done before you start a lab. They told me to have 5 servers in the begining of the book and I dont want to run out of servers because I know at home point I will have to do High availability/clustering lab...or something.

    So frustrating. Im only half way through the book and I expect alot more of this.
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    Another incorrect lab:

    It gives me instructions to create a Managed Folder using the Exchange management Console by going to Exchange Organization
    >mailbox and then it tells me to click New managed Customer Folder in the actions pane

    Well in Exchange SP1 it allows you to only do this through the Exchange Management Shell (took me 30 minutes of frustration and going to another resource (technet) to figure this out

    There's a star on the front of the book that says "Exchange Server SP1"
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