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Hi everyone. I am getting ready for my LX0-101 exam. My question is: there are a lot of commands,and each command has a lot of I have to study each and every option from man page for every command? OR just study the ones that are covered in the Sybex book? Thanks.


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    So? Anybody? Ok,let me explain the question: the "fmt" command has a lot of options,but in the Sybex Linux+ textbook only the "-width;-w;--width=width" are covered...So,should I follow the textbook and learn just these options or study the man page options for the command? Thank you. icon_redface.gif
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    Why limit yourself? Just learn as much as you can even if its not part of the exam it will make you a better technician, its unlikely that in your time as a linux admin you will only use commands that are covered in the sybex book.
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    Thanks. I appreciate the advice:)
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    That book is awful cannot stand Roderick Smith over complicates everything
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    For this exam, they will honestly ask you the most random command or syntax along with the command. So try your best to learn all the command options as possible. There is no way around it.
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