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Okay, about to start a new job. One of my main responsibilities will be the implementation/support of whatever we sell. We are a small telcom so this will be mostly phone systems, and lines. So basically when the papers are signed it will be passed to me and my team, to order, implement and then support. So I view each sale as a project until it is installed and then turned over to support. I would like to start documenting those project hours so that on down the road I can get PMP certified. So my question is what are the best practices for this process? Do you estimate, record it down to the half hour or what? Is it like a lawyer where anything and everything even remotely related to it becomes billable hours, or is in the case documented hours. Just looking for enough info to get me started down the road in documenting what I am doing.. Also are there any guidelines for what is and is not a project. So installing a new phone system at a customer is a project, a new firewall is a project a new NIC card NOT a project. So are there generally accepted time frame determinations for a project or what determines what is and is not a project?Right now I am swamped trying to get some vendor certs before starting or I would go knock out Project+ or do some more research so forgive the uneducated question..


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    Project: PMP Certification Exam Experience Requirements Spreadsheet

    Download the template and track your hours. If you don't like this one go ahead and google pmp hour templates and pick the one that you feel suits your needs.

    Also visit and review what you can count for hours and what you can't. Remember concurrent projects don't count while the work effort is overlapping.
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    When I started my application 10 months ago, PMI required applicants to list very detailed information about every project and time spent on domains. At that time, the spreadsheet N2IT linked would have been useful.

    I finally returned to the application 2 months ago, and PMI has gotten rid of the subdomains. Now you'd only have to list the hours on each domain and description of each project. The application went from 20+ pages to just half. It's much easier now.

    My recommendation is to track your projects and hours yourself. You won't need to give them the WBS anymore.
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    I thought concurrent overlapping projects only did not count for the 36 month requirement, but you still counted the hours of each project for you 4500..
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    geek4god wrote: »
    I thought concurrent overlapping projects only did not count for the 36 month requirement, but you still counted the hours of each project for you 4500..

    My apologizes for any confusion, I am doing 10 things at once.

    3 years of non-overlapping professional project management experience
    4500 hours with degree (accumulative).

    Project: Is any work that produces a specific results and is temporary. Projects have a beginning and end dates.

    I would suggest going through the Project + certification it will answer a lot of your questions and give you a high level overview of project management.
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