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Hey all first time posting here, just looking to see if anyone has any information about the difficulty of the CompTIA PDI+ exam. I am looking to get that cert next and the only study material I have been able to find is on CompTIA's website. I purchased the CompTIA PDI+ Certification Student Manual [With CDROM] (ILT (Axzo Press). Just wondering because CompTIA considers the exam sufficient enough to count as all the CE you need for the A+ cert. The reason I am wanting to sit for it is because there are alot of positions that come available for printer technicians around my area and thought that this might help me get my foot in the door.
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    I know some of the printer vendors will waiver their specific vendor certifications if you have this certification. Just like Lenovo does if you have Server + for server parts and A+ of desktops and laptops.
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    Hey dragonshiz. I'd say go for PDI+, however I don't see where earning this cert will count for CEUs - CE Program: Renewing Through Other Certifications. I'd say it's probably considered somewhat of an extension of A+ skills, rather than an "upgrade". Although it appears that if you did any official training or e-learning that you might be able to get some CEUs. Still with your other certs I'd say move forward with PDI+. You probably won't have to put in a lot of study time, and the review will probably be helpful. I used the Axzo Press book as well, and some internet research. I will warn you not to assume the exam will be simple since it's basic printing and imaging. I kinda rushed my study along, and when I took it realized I should have put in a bit more time on some "soft spots".
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