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Hello ,

Recently I have been reading through a few chapters of the "CCNA :Voice official certification guide" by Jeremy Ciora & I must say the book is engrossing! I want to learn more & more new stuff on voice .Although voice is not my current profile but the company that I work for does manage voice for few of our customers . That means i have access to all the voice technology my company has put in place right now so why not use it for my interest!
Recently I downloaded the CCP (which is free from Cisco) on my work desktop & have been fiddling around with a few of the devices .These deploy the CUCME. I plan to work my way through CUCME & then move on to CUCM .
I browsed a few forums & looks like I can even install a CUCM VM on my own computer at home ! Now that would be fun..

Anyways I would keep you posted on the progress of my studies until I get certified for CCNA:V!
If there is someone else out there who is preparing for the same exam ,please drop your suggestions & your route of studying for this exam .



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    I have been preparing for this exam for a while now. It looks like your on the right start as far as preparing goes, The main recommendation that i have is get some phones or well access to phones as theirs nothing more satisfying then making your first phones ring. Also if you dont mind loading up your home PC with memory can run all the UC software in VM's on your desktop.
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    I got to install a Cisco UC320 system last week. It is an amazing little piece of equipment. I remember the first time I got a 7940 to ring and I had the same feeling of excitement last week as I got each feature working. The SPA525G phones are deskphones with color screens that can work either wired or wirelessly. They have a weather and news feed feature, and can play mp3s from a USB drive plugged into the phone.

    Once you get the wireless set up on the UC320, you can actually program the system and do any administration wirelessly. In order to really appreciate that, you would need to have installed some Nortel key systems and PBXs where you have to be connected to the system with a cable in some dark, wet basement somewhere.

    The CCNA Voice material is very interesting. My company asks for a CCNA Voice on most of its job postings now, so it can be very beneficial.

    Good Luck!
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    Hey. I started studying for 640-461 this week. I've gone through the first couple chapters in the cert guide and have watched the first 3 CBT Nuggets. I have access to several ip phones (7940s), 2 routers and 2 switches in lab environment, but I'm trying to secure CME. I think that'll happen this week.
    good luck to you!
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    Hmm..More like minded people out there! Good luck to you all!!
    I had been busy with JNCIS-ENT & just passed it today so haven't been able to give any time to CCNA: V but looking at your posts makes me open the CCNA: V book again!
    Will keep you updated on my progress..hopefully I would be studying for it in the next 2 months after I finish up with CCNP.
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