CISSP exam 18 Februari London

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I did the exam yesterday in London for the CISSP.
It was very tough like everybody said.
In total it took me 5 hours to do the exam and I only had 2 minutes break after 4 hours.
The questions were very difficult, but it's done now.
I spend months of training for this, started last April and now it's finished.
Afterwards, I can't believe I have spent all the time studying and doing the exam.
I really don't know what my score would be, but at least I give it 200% for the exam, so I wont be disappointed with any results.
Also I realized that if I spent the with other certifications instead of the CISSP, I would have definitely done my Server 2008 upgrade, CCNA and probably also CCNP.
Anyway, life is back to normal for me now and that is such a great relief.


(I used the Shon Harris book,
CISSP golden Edition
and a lot of practice exams from CCCure (paid for the membership)
and a lot of exams on VCE format which contained 1500 questions in total)


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    Good luck in your certification quest! Do post back here when you get your emailed results.
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    which question bank did you find most value after taking the exam?
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    Thx, I will put the results when I get them :)
    JDMurray wrote: »
    Good luck in your certification quest! Do post back here when you get your emailed results.
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    The questions from CCCure were good to practice with, but the real exam is completely different and even much more difficult.
    this is what you need to know:

    You have to know the concepts
    You must be able to read the questions very good and know which directions they are going with
    Be able to think a step ahead

    Don't underestimate this, because its very though

    kkokko wrote: »
    which question bank did you find most value after taking the exam?
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    Still waiting for my results, and my story is the same as everyone else for second time around test-takers. I have about 12 years in the business, with a solid nine years of Security specifically. I took the test in December 2010, and instinctively knew that I failed, but I knew I did not fail by much. Sure enough, five weeks passed, and I received that fateful e-mail telling me I scored a 627. I self-studied very hard, though I could not fully disengage from life's distractions to study as effectively as I wanted.
    I decided to get a couple of those 'life distractions' out of the way first before I re-engaged for the second go-around, and it took me over a year to do so. I read a lot of advice from those who have taken (including those who passed and those who did not), and everything I read regarding positive is pretty solid, so don't discount anything you feel as worthy of your attention.
    My two cents worth is this three-fold:
    FIRST, Whatever is going on in your life, handle it before you commit to this test!! Apologize in advance to your family and friends, because you will not exist for at least two months prior to your scheduled exam. Take your wife or husband out to a 'Thank you' dinner three days after you take the test, as it will take you that long to recover.
    Second: DO NOT go into the test as a technician, answering as a technician might, or you will likely fail the test. Understand the differences between the words Primarily and Ultimately. Two things are assumed by those who obviously select these questions: 1. They assume you have enough baseline knowledge to understand the technical portion of the question asked, and 2. Put on your 'If I were a Senior Manager with an IT background, how would I answer this question?' In reference to number 2, remember that Senior IT managers and directors also have managers they answer to as well.

    THIRD . Find your groove, and stick to it. Do not bother with others around you. Take the time for each question. I took 5 hours 45 minutes this time because I did NOT want a repeat of before. I decided before I took the test how long it would take me to answer 50 questions at a time with breaks in between, and I was on target at the end. Why did I not take the last 15 minutes you might ask? at 5 hours 30 minutes exactly, my brain turned to Oatmeal, and I had ten questions left, which made those final ten the hardest for me on the test. I took time on each and every question because I did not want to go back. I DID circle those questions I was unsure of, and counted 76. I was honestly surpised that I circled so few.

    Am I confident I passed? Moreso than last time. I have a lot riding on this test, but somehow I found my zen the night before the exam and it carried through the next day. LAST THING. If you take the test at a hotel, stay there or in a place next door. It does not matter if you live in town, stay in a the does WONDERS for your worrying. I learned that after the first time I took the test.
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