Buying a voucher on a weekend

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Anyone know if you buy a voucher from on the weekend, would they make you wait until Monday or would they deliver it right away?


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    There's no such thing as weekend in e-commerce ;)

    I'm quite sure you'll get it as quick as usual, but you can ask them directly...
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    thanks for the reply Webmaster... I was confused because it said it might take up to 1 BUSINESS day but I will check with them before I buy the vouche.
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    Man, I cant believe how much exams costs these days, I think I payed something like 50 bucks for my A+ and Net+ in the 90's, never payed attention to my MCSE tests, and dont know how much my CCNA Intro test cost, I get vouchers from work. I dont think charging 125 bucks for a test is justified.

    Thats a money maker there. Im in the wrong line of work icon_eek.gif
    Go Hawks - 7 and 2

    2 games againts San Fran coming up, oh yeah baby, why even play? just put then in the win category and call it good :p
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