VMware interview questions.

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What are some questions you've been asked regarding VMware during interviews. Or alternatively, what are some questions you ask potential new hires about VMware? I'm curious, I've noticed that questions can cover a large variety of topics and since nobody knows everything, I'd like to hear stories about questions that have come up during other interviews. Here are just a few of the popular ones I can think of from my experiences.

- What type of multipathing policies have you worked with or employed in your experience?
- How do you configure networking in VMware so that VMs can access different vLANs?
- What are the requirements for vMotion? (this one seems popular, though basic)
- How would you go about gathering capacity requirements for a potential customer's environment?

Feel free to post more, hopefully it will get people thinking outside of the VMware comfort zone and maybe help someone out.
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    Questions I got were

    - What is vMotion
    - What is svMotion
    - How would you migrate hosts from Standard Switch to vDSwitch without downtime
    - How do you update a host without Update Manager
    - How do you get a list of VMs via PowerCLI

    Bear in mind - every job is different. Although I am triple VCP - my main job now isn't necessarily vmware related so if someone applies for a 24/7/365 VMWare job you might get a whole different set.
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    Only VMware question I got was

    -How do you add a disk to a VM
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