Failed on first try...

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Wanted to post to say I took the Server exam today for the first time and failed with a 590. icon_sad.gif I was a bit dissappointed, because after going through all the questions I thought maybe I only had about 10 multiple choice questions i wasnt too sure about. All the simulations seemed pretty easy and I thought I did well on those. My simulations included creating and configure an alert for the processor, implementing VSS on a volume, configuring a machine w/ an IP address, and joining it to a domain, and configuring default website port and bandwith size and creating a new website in IIS. I was hoping the simulations would be worth more and I would have gotten a better score. Either I didnt do so well on it or I missed many more questions that I thought. :-/ I got alot of questions on backup and disaster recovery, VSS, and Terminal Services/RDP. The sticky notes just dont seem to give enough information on the types of tricky questions it tends to ask. Ok, well i'm hoping I can pull out a passing score on my free retake. Any more information on these subjects any wants to share would be great.


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    Next time you should do better. Go over the areas you missed and continously reveiw everything.

    I would give myself 2 weeks to do the retake. In the interim I would get some prep test to review what you are studying. Who says it was easy?

    I took an exam a yr ago and have failed now Im going back at it again scheduled for next Sat.
    What next?
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    Microsoft Exams are hard and i bet next time you take it you will definitely do fine! I am going for my 70-270 and everyone just keeps reminding me to read the questions carefully and take your time.
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