Fedora 16 inittab?

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Hi. I am just curious: Fedora 16 that I've installed does not use inittab anymore (it is still in there but has no power),it uses systemd. I just checked the CompTIA website and systemd is not included officially into the objectives list,BUT there is a very interesting phrase: "this is a partial list". Do you think they're gonna add it soon.let's say in 3-4 months?


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    Linux+ can definitely be vague, so don't be surprised if you see on the exam in the future.
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    Remember Fedora is more of the beta testing latest technology for RHEL. Fedora 12/13 would be the equivalent of RHEL 6. A lot of changes in Fedora 16 may not follow exam objectives to the Linux+ exam. systemd is the replacement of System V inittab. Which was changed in Fedora 15. System V is going back to UNIX days as being standard for.
    Remember Comptia is suppose to be Vendor neutral. System V has been the standard for open systems the longest time. I think later on down the road when Comptia updates the Linux+ exam you will eventually see systemd.
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