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Hey guys.

Been awhile since I posted- been killing it at my new job (Can I still call it new? Been here for a little over a year now!). Learned A LOT.

One thing my company did for me last summer was send me to the vSphere 4 Install, Configure, Manage class. Honestly, most of my knowledge up to then has been theoretical and slowly learning. I now have about a year of working experience of VMWare under my belt and am to the point where I am now answering questions about it.

I would like to go ahead and get my VCP4 (my co is sending me to VCP5 What's New once we upgrade our environment, so I'm not in a rush to get 5 yet) out of the way. I have scheduled the exam for 6 weeks from now, which should give me some good solid time to study.

Other than the materials I received from my class and the blueprint from VMWare's website, I am looking for a solid book to read that will work as a study guide.

Any recommendations I can pick up off of Amazon? The one's I found have some mediocre reviews so I am not sure. Figure I would turn to one of the better communities on the web.

Thanks! icon_cool.gificon_cool.gif
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    Scott Lowe's "Mastering vSphere 4" gets great praise, it's more a reference book than something that will help you specifically with the VCP4 exam. There are some VCP4 prep books but they do contain errors. There is no substitute for working through the blueprint, using the vSphere documentation (and by that I don't mean your training manuals), and hands-on lab time to help you with the objectives in the blueprint.

    If you are going to attend the What's New course on vSphere 5 you could also just wait and take the VCP5 exam instead - that's an option for you - but if you really want VCP4 then go for it.
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    Thanks Scott!

    I actually have Mastering VMWare vSphere 4 by Scott Lowe- and I do recommend it as well! I reference it from time to time. Just thought there may be other items.

    Oh well! I did find some great notes on Simon Long's blog that was linked in another thread here: VCP4 vSphere Study Notes - The SLOG – SimonLong/Blog

    Edit: Just saw it was indeed you who linked them ha! Thanks for the post :)
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