Passed today 949/1000

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Took the CCNA 607 exam today and passed with a 949.

Exam was pretty straightforward. I've spent the last 2 weeks studying 4-5 hours a day for this thing so it went about as well as I expected.

I used Lammele's Sybex book and the big Cisco Press CCNA book. I also used Boson's NetSim to study for the simulations.

I got 2 on my exam. A RIP one and one where you had a router with 2 unconfigured interfaces. They give you a subnet and tell you to use the 1st available IP in the 1st subnet for the E0 interface and the 1st available IP in the 2nd subnet for the S1 interface. Pretty straightforward...

Not much in the way of ISDN or IPX on my exam which I was glad to see as those are my 2 weakest areas for sure.

Lots of stuff on VLAN's, STP, and general switching though.

Only had one fill in the blank which was an easy subnetting question where I had to type in the mask.

Overall though, the test wasn't easy - but it's fair. There were a few 'tricky' questions but if you study well you will see a few familiar questions that you will be able answer quickly so you can spend more time on the ones that require that you map out subnets, etc...

Good luck to all those that are studying for this one.

Oh, at the beginning of my exam they said that they are alloting more time to take the test now. I got 90 minutes to answer 60 questions.

Be prepared to spend the first several minutes answering questions about what level you are on certain Cisco related technologies (beginner, intermeidate, advanced, etc...)

Not sure what it's worth - but I answered beginner on all of them. icon_lol.gif

Anyway - good luck everyone!


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    congratulations dear choinga
    and thanks alot for the information u provide to us cuse as u know most of us are worry about the exame ...
    thanks again
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    Congrats with your pass.

    I've removed two posts in this topic, when I saw your post I was afraid this would happen.... you cannot post the specifics of the simulations. Even better you should not disclose (actually you agreed to) any specifics about the exam, especially not in this depth... Let other people find out at the exam which simulation they will get. Disclosing this information is illegal, can get us into trouble, and perhaps will enable unqualified people to pass the simulation, hence the exam, hence devaluating your cert.

    The simulations are very easy compared to most real-life configurations, and everyone can take a sample simulation at the Cisco. Every task/command is a step in the simulation. It does not include saving the config, if you would have to in future/different sims, they will tell you to do so in the simulation.

    I hope you guys understand.

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    I just wanted to add, for those that fear the sims: take a look at the exam objectives at , every objective that starts with "configure" can be your sim(s)...
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    It's easy to pass, i have frequented Cisco Network Academy, studied Sybex Cisco Guide, Cisco Exam Notes, Cisco PDF, and Taken PRatice exams on boson router emulator, boson test and finally easy ccna 3.0 :)
    A great study year.....For a great success!.. icon_wink.gif (MERITATE..heeheheh)
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    Good job! Great score!
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