I have a case study i need help on can anyone help me

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Company Name: G.G Gizmo’s
Business: Games, Electronic Gadget’s
Current Outlet store: New York City NY.
Warehouse location: New York City NY. Shipping & Receiving excess inventory is eld
Owner: Glen Smith
3 Future Outlet locations: Dallas TX, Atlanta GA, Seattle Washington

Administrative building:
Two software applications: Visual Basic customer written used for Point of Sale
NT SQL server used for inventory management at the
Dial up: ISDN connection in place at the retail store to the warehouse used only to post
sale transactions to the SQL server at close of business

2 Point of Sale Registers 1 Admin computer: Running WIN95 over 10MB Ethernet in the store

Macintosh via Ethernet: Marketing & In store signage running QuarkXPress
HP Designjet: printer/ plotter connected LAN via Ethernet
Laser printer: for office admin printer for office admin printing
2 locally attached dot matrix printers for receipts at the store location

Network devices using addresses RFC1918 private IP address range.

Store Owner wants: company wide private email using Microsoft Exchange
New Web server
Internet connection purpose: publish online catalog
New NT server for Exchange
New NT server for the Web
Wants: The ability to connect the Point of Sale computers in each store to the NT SQL server allowing inventory to be updates automactically.

Each store will be modeled after the existing outlet: Same computer printers except for admin computer and printer which will move to the new office
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