Any results from 2012 test dates?

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Hello all! I've been looking at threads to determine if there have been any updates regarding 2012 exam results and haven't seen any. I'm trying to get an idea of the timeline. I know they say 4-6 weeks but I've seen posts on here that say as little as 10 days. I'm trying to get a gauge on where in the process they are for Jan exam dates.



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    Just got mine today for the 25 Jan test @ 1045am
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    I just did mine on the 19th February, but can we send an email to them to ask for our results?
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    I also took my exam on Feb. 19th. I'm assuming it's going to take atleast two more weeks.
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    Feb 11th here. No results yet, but I figure it's still kind of early.
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    I have appeared on 4th feb exam and still waiting for results.. fingers crossed..
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    Its the waiting that feels like its going to kill you, doesn't it? I had all kinds of worries about: Did I get this or that question right? Look up a few with relief some with dread after identifying the answer. Did I fill in the bubbles, correctly? What if I skipped one and threw everything off?!?

    Scared to death to open that email when it came in but relieved after I did.

    Good luck and may the bubbles be with you!

    - beads
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    beads wrote: »
    Its the waiting that feels like its going to kill you, doesn't it? I had all kinds of worries about: Did I get this or that question right? Look up a few with relief some with dread after identifying the answer. Did I fill in the bubbles, correctly? What if I skipped one and threw everything off?!?

    Scared to death to open that email when it came in but relieved after I did.

    Good luck and may the bubbles be with you!

    - beads

    Hi Everyone . I am new to this forum. I take my exam on Feb 25th..... I need to wait for 2-6 weeks for the results. Best of luck for everyone who are waiting for the results.......
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    Also took the exam on Feb 4th. Still waiting... I actually emailed them after 10 days and was politely told to wait 4-6 weeks. I am in no rush, but I am really interested why it takes that long. Computer scan should be easy. I think I saw somewhere on ISC(2) site that they need to collect a certain number of exams to run a cross-correlation to score or something. Does anyone know?

    P.S. At the same time, it makes no sense if they are moving for CBT...
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    Got mine today. Took the test on Feb 4th.
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    Hi Feb4toronto,

    where did you took the exam?

    i took mine in pune india still waiting for the results.

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    Well, I took it on Feb 4 in Toronto icon_smile.gif I emailed them yesterday asking for results. Got a formal note 30 minutes later stating I passed.
  • feb4cisspfeb4cissp Member Posts: 27 ■□□□□□□□□□

    congrats for passing.

    please share your exam experience & how you felt after completing the exam?

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    Took the exam on 2/11, results came in this afternoon (passed). That was quite a wait! I also had a bit more pressure than most folks here - my Master's degree depended on the pass. So now I'll have the cert and a MS degree from a National Center of Academic Excellence program once the dust settles! I will be able to walk graduation (next month) knowing that this chapter of my life has been finalized.

    Besides on-the-job experience, my primary source of training was my MS degree program. Most of my classes were directly applicable to the subject material for the CISSP. One of my final classes was a CISSP prep course at the same university. I also worked on the Security+ a little over a year ago and passed that within the lifetime cert. I felt that was a good lead-up to getting serious about the CISSP. I used the AIO book - tried reading a good majority of it and focused on the areas I was just a little weaker in. I also have the yellow-colored official ISC2 guide (dated from 2004) that I used when I was tired of reading the AIO (yes, it’s dated, but the majority of the material is still relevant). I just never got around to getting the newest one as I was already comfortable with this book throughout my classes over the years. Although the books were very helpful that I used, there was no substitute for actual experience and seeing things firsthand. The books did help in getting prepared for the CISSP-way of looking at the questions, which did take time to adjust to in comparison to previous cert exams I have taken.

    As far as the actual exam, I know I missed a few simple questions that I may have skimmed over the standards. There were some areas I spent huge amounts of time on that I didn't get much or anything, but in the end, I felt there were about 20-25 questions that I had to consider a toss-up with my confidence level. I circled in the booklet every time I ran into one that I didn't have a 90% or better confidence level and those were to be reviewed later. Out of those, probably about 6-8 were really educated guesses. I took 5 hours to take the exam and I did it the old-fashion way - one question at a time, fill in the answer at that time and move on. I was really watching the questions-per-hour and felt I kept a pace that was good enough to leave about 30-45 minutes at the end. I took a break in the middle/hit the restroom and came back charged up again, otherwise I was chugging through. Everyone else in the room was taking the CISSP except for one person and they all were out in the 3-4 hr range. I was the last by quite a long time. I changed a few answers at the end (probably 5-6 of them). I did a few random audits from my score sheet to the test booklet to ensure accuracy of my answers on the paper. I was not burned out at the end, but felt really good and confident. I did crash later in the day after my two hour drive home.

    One thing that was uber-critical to success was to get to the test center the day before. I stayed in the hotel where it was hosted. Even though I got there later in the evening that I probably should have (smooth weather for getting there), that night a large snowstorm came through and would have made driving absolutely miserable/extremely difficult. If I would have waited a few more hours to head out, I could have run into some of it. If you can't stay at the test location directly, get as absolutely close as possible! Keep advised of weather conditions and leave plenty of time for odd things to happen. I also left time to use the hot tub & pool at the hotel early in the morning before the exam. It really helped me feel comfortable.

    Earplugs = incredibly helpful.

    Best of luck to all others and future takers - just remember preparation (both in subject matter and in being perpared in person) is key to giving you the best possible chance of success.
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    Hey everyone,

    I am new to the site and I just received my CISSP results. I figured I should contribute to the forum since I have been lurking for so many months lol.


    I took the test in Malaysia in the Mines area on February 25th and just received the results today (March 23rd). Unfortunately they don't offer the exam in the Philippines (why I don't know but the CISM is offered here! Go figure).

    I was very surprised that I passed this test. After completing the test using every minute of the 6 hours, I just knew that I failed. It was very hard and I spent a lot of time re-reading questions and answer selections. It reminded me of taking the SAT during my last year of high school. I would go into more detail about the test but many others on this forum have covered this.

    As far as my preparation for the test:

    1) Shon Harris CBT (2007, She had Long Hair with a sidekick guy)
    2) Shon Harris AIO 5th Eddition (2010)
    3) CISSP Study Guide 5th Eddition (Stewart, Tittel, and Chapple, 2011)
    4) Practice Test (Did over 3000 questions) (Shout out to Clement Dupuis, really cool guy)

    Total time studying: 2 Months Off and On, and a solid Month studying 10 hours a day.

    If anything, the CISSP is all about good reading comprehension. I knew the material but the way things were worded made me think really hard. Plus the answer selections were closely related so when narrowing answers down to a few, the selections were very close.

    I highly recommend the practice test from CCCure, this helped me a lot because the practice questions are worded pretty similar to the test. But don't expect it to have the same exact questions on the test because it doesn't.

    Hopes this little review helps!

    P.S. Also, if you are looking to take the test in Malaysia, The Palace of Golden Horses Hotel is within walking distance to the testing center. I was very impressed with Malaysia and will probably go back if I decide to take another ISC2 cert.
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    Took my test 25 February in Reston and the results were e-mailed out yesterday (23 March). 26 days of waiting, but I passed! Woo hoo! icon_cheers.gif
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