25 JAN 12 CISSP Results! Survey says......

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I passed! First time go.

It feels good to know that part is over.

Everybody tends to review how they felt about the test and what they used to study so in the tradition of the CISSP's before me here it goes...

First off the test in my opinion was more English/Reading Comprehension exam than anything else. You must be able to understand the question before you can demonstrate any knowledge you have. This of course is what MGT is about. Identify the problem set and apply fix (pray the problem resolves itself andnever comes back
). This in my opinion is what separates it from the rest of the what I call "definition" tests I have seen/taken in the past and what gives it the reputation for being so difficult.

I compare it to a good debriefing. I felt I had nothing left to say after thetest and it measured my knowledge in a fair and accurate way. I completed mytest in 2:34:02 and averaged 100 questions and hour.

I changed 5 answers on questions I was not sure about. To determine the right answer I first looked at my score card. If there was a long line of B's above and below my question I chose B. There are patterns in the test that pop out if you view it as a whole. If not I used eeenie - meenie - miny - moe (only on theclosest answers ex. a,c,d and not all of the options) and stuck with the answer I landed on unless it was too far out there. Also go with your gut. I know I got several wrong because I did not trust my gut (easy ones. They are not partof the 5).

Basics first... I used the ISC2 CBK, Shon Harris v5, CISSP for Dummies, VTECert.org, CBT’s, Total Tester and CCure.org to help me prepare for the test. Itook about 6 months to prepare for the exam really and focused in the last 3 weeks or so.

I read for example the Access Control chapter in all of my books one after the other before I moved on then tested my knowledge on CCure I averaged 85% on all exams. I probably read each book 1.5x overall. Just touching up on stuff that I was unsure about.

About a week before the exam I brushed up on the easy stuff/made myself familiar with the changes in domains and technical information. Crypto, Code ofEthics, Cloud Computing (definitions), CMM levels, TCSEC, EAL, Wireless(GSM/Edge vulnerabilities) and all the standard memorization stuff.

So I did that until the Saturday before the test and then played MW3 for a few days another quick review of the things mentioned above and off I went.

With this test (and anything really) I will say confidence is key. Know what you know and most importantly know what you don't and make a guess based on your gut.

I walked out of the test feeling like I passed that lasted two hours. LOL!

Then l I got my results and am enjoying a victory Krystal Chili Cheese Combo.

Any questions just hit me up. I will be off the grid for a week. So there may be a delay in my response. But I will reply.

Last tip.

Know GSM/Edge and EAP (and all the many, many variations of EAP).


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