CCNA - next wednesday

nothing_ptnothing_pt Member Posts: 44 ■■□□□□□□□□
I going to take the 640-801 next wednesday.

Anyone has last minute tips?

Thanks people.


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    porengoporengo Member Posts: 343
    Do as many practice questions as possible. Review prior posts on this site of those who have passed the exam, and make sure you are comfortable in performing configurations in areas they have mentioned.

    The day before your exam...rest, relax and don't cram. You don't want to confuse yourself with last minute studying. Give yourself that day off to let the information sink in.

    On the day of your exam, make sure you are given something to write on, and jot down your subnetting chart as well any other information you want easily available during crunch time. Do this prior to starting your exam. Then take a deep breath, envision yourself passing the exam and stay relaxed. DON'T let the clock freak you out! Time management is important, but many...including myself...rush through the exam which leads you to make mistakes and fail (I passed on my second attempt).

    Good luck!
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    cdad2000cdad2000 Member Posts: 323
    Good Luck.... May the force be with you.
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