IT Practitioner 10+ years-New to the site and looking for work. Hi everyone!

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Hello everyone, it is a pleasure to meet you all like minded people on this board.

Well I am just going to shoot this out into the world. I am currently working. Took this job at the lowest point of our economic turn for the worst. As scarce as jobs were, I took the job and ran! I didn't even negotiate and was thankful that I found something. 3 years and 5 months later I want out of here.

Almost 12 years in my career with a perfect record of completed projects and solid references. I am looking for a job in the Edison, NJ area or Staten Island, N.Y. However I have been wanting to move away from here as well so if the offer is good, I will move over long term. I went to Chubb Institute for 4 years for Networking-Hardware & Security.

I would greatly appreciate any knowledge you could offer and I am eager to say hello to everyone.



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