CEHv8 already?



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    What does ISO/IEC 17024 mean to you personally that makes it exciting?
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    They actually have v8 in their store, and I signed up for that. They again responded that that won't be available until early next year and that it's 7.1 now. And that the only difference is "verbiage". I asked well if the only difference is verbiage, when I get 7.1 why not upgrade me with some minor hurdle. She said it can't be done. I'd need to retake the test, which isn't going to happen.

    Testing on Monday, and a little anxious. I've been approved for self-study, and used the All-In-One, read completely. Took all chapter tests and averaged 85% or so. About to review all my highlights in the book and then take the CD exam. My memory isn't so good anymore though.
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    Yeah, passed the test today. Have some things to say, but not here, thanks to the Mod. I'm just going to take.
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    Congratulations man. Be careful what you say about the test so as not to violate the non-disclosure agreement. So...now that your hard work has paid off, whats next?
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    Thanks Hutch. Man that is one difficult exam, partly because some of the questions are BS. I'd say the All-In-One helped me with about a third of the questions, my knowledge and experience with another third, and I just didn't know the answer to another third but made an educated guess. (WTH is the code for NO-OP? It ain't 00)

    I was self study (thanks for your advice on that), and surprised the book didn't help nearly as much as I'd expected, but it did make the difference. I suspect the book wasn't a better help because I took 7.1 not 7.0. And I suspect that 7.1 is 8.0 in sheep's clothing; they're seeing if it's too failable . I'm not too proud to say I made a 75. I should be more proud of my MBA from an Ivy League school, but it's a toss-up.

    PS - the book has a number of typos.

    I'll bet there are alot of people out there walking around who failed it. I've seen one or two here, who criticize EC Council for being only about money.

    I've asked EC Council what the percentage of those failing is, and for the average score, but I don't expect them to give that out. No reason they shouldn't other than marketing.

    Next is RHCSA tomorrow. I've taken their pre-test and will seem to need little prep as I've run Debian exclusively for 14 years. Then PMP, and that's probably it. If RHCE doesn't need alot I may take that if it seems worth it. I think certs should be garnered only to the extent they help get a better job. Those who accumulate alot are just proving they test well, and when they come up for renewal will drop alot.
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    I agree with you completely. There were several questions that I've felt did not provide enough information to possibly answer. And there were frequent typos and careless problems in the test delivery. You would think they would at least have somebody doing quality checks on the tests.
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    Yep, a number of questions were open to interpretation -- one way if one set of circumstances, and another if another, and they don't give a clue. All you can do is choose the most likely in the context of this test. They were quite skillful at not giving enough information on questions I had no idea, so couldn't even use the process of elimination.

    And it would be helpful if a number of questions weren't obviously written by a person for whom English is -not- their first language. Extremely distracting, and is probably the cause of many of my wrong answers.
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