high school student seeking IT job

I'll be graduating June 9th and I'm looking for an entry-level IT job. I don't have any real relevent experience. I am, however, Cisco and CompTIA certified. I've signed up on the major job websites (monster...) and posted my resume. I also visited a Cisco sponsored job fair in the Richmond, VA area where I live. I submitted resumes to all the major IT companies in the area and nothing has really come up yet.

I would love a summer internship or something like that before I start college. I want to build experience as I go through college so I can be ready with my degree, certs, and experience once I graduate school.

Any advice to a high school student looking for employment?



  • garv221garv221 Member Posts: 1,914
    Your on the right track. I would first go to your college & get a position ready for the fall working as student help in the IT Dept. Thats where I would I put my greatest concern. Other than that, its summer man, grab a beer & look foward to the fall.
  • /usr/usr Member Posts: 1,768
    Your best bet is somewhere like Best Buy, or someplace similar.
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    Have you filed a FAFSA (Financial Aid form) for the upcoming year? Most schools offer work-study positions within their IT Department. I have never had much luck with them, but your milage might vary. Your Cisco certification would definitely help a lot.
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    Several options here:

    As always, there is Best Buy Geek Squad or your local repair shop. Also, you may want to look at maybe your local ISP. I've had several friends get good jobs with our town ISP in the past while still going to school. There are also school IT departments...whether high school or college. Good luck. icon_cool.gif
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