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Hi All,

A quick question. Do you use RSOP to see where in the registry a change is made? Iam looking into the differences with RSOP and gpresult. Iam thinking that RSOP shows where in the registry the chane applies to but gpresult does not.



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    RSoP, Resultant Set of Policy, is displayed by using the gpedit command. Try using the gpedit /v command and you will see more detailed information.

    I believe you use the Security Configuration and Analysis MMC snap-in to compare templates. You can also use the secedit.exe command to compare templates.
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    Its my understanding that RSoP is a way of displaying the policies being applied to a user on a computer and is contained and is accessed from its own mmc snap-in

    start > run > type Rsop.msc

    Gpresult.exe is designed to do the same it shows the polices in effect on the machine its run on however its a command line tool.

    Both differ from Gpedit in that they show a cumulative result of policies in effect i.e a user may be in a number of groups with a number of policies in effect where as Gpedit is aimed at viewing/editing selected polices.

    Also from what i have read secedit has been replaced by gpupdate in both XP and 2003 server.

    I haven't done my 70-270 exam yet so if some one who has can confirm this, i may be wrong :D
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    I don't know how I typed gpedit. icon_redface.gif (What a brain fart)

    I think you would have found that gpedit.exe doesn't work as a command from c:\ unless you replace .exe with .msc then you will be greeted with a gui.

    run from the run line as gpedit.msc gives you a gui, and you are right, it is geared at viewing/editing group policy.

    gpresult /v command will give you verbose information on RSoP in a command line interface. RSoP.msc from run is gpresult (with whatever switch you use), just in gui format.

    Security Configuration and Analysis Tool is used to make comparisons between templates.
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    Also from what i have read secedit has been replaced by gpupdate in both XP and 2003 server.

    gpudate only replaces secedit /refreshpolicy
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    Gpresult would be the way to go to track down a detailed answer for the group policy dealing with the regestry. Its for ALL group policies and for users and computers. RSOP is just for users!
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