Took my SSCP today

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This is my first post in this forum. I just wanted to share my SSCP certification experience. I wish I would have come here before I had taken the exam.

My initial reactions were this:
- This test is MUCH harder than Security+. Security+ was the last test I studied for and passed with a 95%. I highly doubt I got anywhere near that score on this exam.
- The test was much more in depth than Security+. You really have to know what you are talking about, in depth.
- I found the easiest way to answer the questions was to eliminate the wrong ones. The right ones don't stick out as much as on the CompTIA exams.
- I used Darril Gibson's AIO exam book as a study guide, since I used his Security+ book and did so well on the test. After taking the test, I would say that I was way underprepared for the types of questions on the exam. I expected them to be like in the AIO book, but they were much more vague than the straightforward practice questions in the book.
- I finished the exam fairly quickly, but I still felt like I took my time on the exam. I finished in 80 minutes, which was well below the 3 hour time limit.
- After taking the test, I feel like I will be much better prepared for the difficulty and complexity of the CISSP. Based off of the difficulty of the SSCP, this has to be a very difficult test.
- The test definitely got easier as I went along, and not just because I got more comfortable with the style of the test either. The easiest questions are definitely placed at the end of the test. For this reason, I would say that you might want to start at the end of the test and work your way backwards, so you aren't scared off by the difficulty of the first 50 or so questions.

Supposedly it will be 2-4 weeks until I get the results, so I will let you guys know how I did at that time.


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