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So I work for a mid size ISP in Canada. And on Friday we had a loop in one of the PE routers that started to spread across the MPLS network. I am a level 1 network admin so the level 3 people came down to see what was happening and one of one was a CCIE. We just hired him and he's only 27 years old after he fixed the issue I got to pick Brain a little and I wow I got a lil star struck for some reason.


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    Turgon wrote: »
    The blackbelt, the doctorate of networking..elite special forces..there is a reason why they say so :)

    CCIE:SP Ops are the special forces!

    Guns and everything!
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    Did he fix the problem by just looking at the router?
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    tr1x wrote: »
    Did he fix the problem by just looking at the router?

    Those are the truly elite. When the literally just stare the router into submission and the problems go away.
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    Roguetadhg wrote: »
    CCIE:SP Ops are the special forces!

    Guns and everything!

    A CCIE of any flavour is special forces and some are oil and water that dont mix. When you have a situation, you need the right one, and they all have guns ;)
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    It must have been very much like this video. Imagine cunningham being in level 1 support, and the bullies being the networking problem!

    Hope you got his autograph!
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    I love that scene!!

    CCIEs are rocks stars!!
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    The first CCIE I met I didn't realize it, he was the NOC Manager and he hired me. I was a little star struck too when I found out, glad I didn't know at interview time lol.
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    This one is good too, CCIE entering CCNA's lunch room! :D
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    nah the real specops guys at cisco are tacops Cisco Tactical Operations - Doing Business With Cisco - Cisco Systems they have kick ass trucks and roll in to disaster area's to set up comms! all they need is thunderbird 2!
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    Did he give you any great insights or just robotically tell you how he executed the solution?
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