Lost my MS press 70-215 supplement cd, help!

D-boyD-boy Member Posts: 595
Well my friend borrowed my supplement Cd from my MS press MCSE 2000 self-study pack, I called Microsoft and they said they do not do replacement cd for the book as it is no longer in print! icon_cry.gif

What is a man to do? Buy another book just to get the supplement training cd?

This is the last time I borrow anyone any cd’s for anything! icon_mad.gif

I am unable to the lessons in the books for DFS (chap 5), which is one of the topics I really need to understand fully and brush up on. Also if I don’t complete the lessons in this chapter, I can’t do some of the other lessons in the book!

What should I do buy another book? Just for the supplement cd?

What would you do, apart from killing your friend…..???


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