Studying for N10-005!

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Hello everyone!

I'm come here to introduce myself. I've been studying to take the N10-005 fore more than a month now.
I have finished reading the Exam Cram book and have completed 1 of 2 included practice exams, scored 89/100.
Just started reading Mike Meyers book which is very detailed and explains the topics in detail.

I'm really itching to take the exam asap and I think I may be able to pass it given i take a few more practice exams, but I think I will take my time and finish the Mike Meyers book and also watch all of Messer's videos before taking the exam.

I hope to update this thread as I progress up to the test taking time and have my own "i passed!" post. hehe.

Please feel free to share any comments or tips!

My current resources are:
Comptia Network+ N10-005 Authorized Exam Cram, 4th Edition
Mike Meyers All-In-One, 5th Edition
Professor Messer’s CompTIA N10-005 Network+ Training


Update: March 26

Hi again! Sorry for not posting after my first one. But in any case i scheduled my test for today, and .. i passed! Woohoo!
1/5 through the exam, the computer popped up with an error and I was twiddling my thumbs for 10 min while they tried to figure out what was wrong. Anyway they switched me to a different computer and I was able to continue from right from where I left off with no time lost.

After I finished all the questions with 40 min to spare, i had flagged around 20 questions and I became very nervous that I may fail the test. I went through all the flagged questions, and I changed the answer for more than a couple of them. I still had time left to go over all the questions. Lo and behold i got 880!

As mentioned in my first post, I used those 2 books plus Prof. Messor's videos to study for this test.

Anyway I'm very relieved that I passed and I'm very much looking forward to the next certificate. I am still debating whether i should look into Sec+ as most people here recommend or go straight for the CCNA as my mind is still fresh on the networking stuff. What do you guys think?

Thank you to this forum for the support and help. I will definitely continue to stick around!



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