W2k3 Gateway suggestions please.

goasakawagoasakawa Member Posts: 58 ■■□□□□□□□□
Hey gals and guys....I have a little lab my den. 2 WIN2k3 Servers, 1 WinXP & 1 Win2k......DC1 is the PDC. DC2 is the 2ndary DNS server and the RAS Server.

I manually set the gateway for DC1 to (DC2 since its the RAS server for internet access). The outcome was as expected: DC1 can get internet access through the RAS Server (DC2).

Now i boot my XP Client and double click IE. Its a no go. I check my ipconfig and there is no Gateway inputed. I COULD do it manually but I want the Servers to issue that data.

The question: Shouldnt it issue the gateway information along with the usuall DNS, DHCP information. Or where is is on DC1 or DC2 that I need to input this new record? icon_idea.gif
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