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Hey guys,
I am going to be traveling a lot and won't have enough time to re-cable my lab for practicing, so I came up with this idea to setup a general cabling, so that I can practice different scenarios remotely.
I am posting this just make sure that I am cabling this correctly, and would like to hear some of your opinion.

The red lines are the serial links, and the black lines are ethernet links.
I finished cabling the serial links, but I have not finish cabling the ethernet yet. Also, please ignore the boxes; I put it there so that I won't get confuse with BGP ASes (I forgot to remove them).
I also forgot to draw a serial link from R6 to the Frame Relay cloud. I have a physical link connection R6---FRS.

Here are the available ports for each device:
R1: 1x fastethernet
R2: 1x fastethernet
R4: 1x fastethernet
R6: 1x fastethernet
R7: 1x fastethernet
BB1: 1x serial1
The SW1-4 are 3550s and it shows that all of the ports are fa0/0. I will change the fa0/0 naming to fa0/x once I finished cabling the routers to the switches next weekend.
By the way, the BB2 is my Frame Relay Switch.

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