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Hello everyone, new here...

I'm looking to start studying for a CCIE soon (either R&S or SP). I'm wondering, to anyone on here that has one, is it something that was taught to you, or can CCIE's only be attained through self study?

I studied for my CCNP with a university, but I don't think there is anywhere that teaches a CCIE is there? (I'm in the UK by the way!).

I don't like those nasty boot camp thingies. I don't think you retain the information for that long after completion, I only see them as useful for refresher courses.

I'm more than happy to go the self study route, but I just wondered how others have achieved theirs. Is self study the only way?



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    The problem with the CCIE is that it covers such a wide area, that paying for any kind of training to sustain learning throughout the entire process would be insane. Think about it like this, a CCIE bootcamp is $1,500 - $6,000 for 1-3 weeks. You'd need several months at a minimum of instructor-led training if doing no self-study, and by then, you're talking a lot of money.

    I think a cornerstone of the CCIE brand, is taking the initiative, and figuring things out when there's no clear answer in sight- and with that said, even if there was a 6 month "No BS" training course to get your CCIE with (or attempt), you'd still be stuck doing self-study to stay sharp after passing.

    Just my $.02.
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    I think a bootcamp can be very beneficial, but you want to go in there well versed through self study really. Instructors will tell you they get a real mixture of people turning up for their training. They still get people putting the money down and expecting a magic bullet for the price. The CCIE just doesn't work like that. At the same time, while the classroom instruction can be great, you may not always need it. Many people pass without attending bootcamps, and many that do and go on to pass, simply find an intensive week out of the office to concentrate on labprep beneficial. But then one could just take a weeks vacation for that and save on the cost of the bootcamp. But if the employer will spring for it, go for it.

    The google spiders have realised I want a CCIE. I get adds popping up now offering a bootcamp and one month of instruction with lab pass guaranteed. Dont spend your money on those..
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