Is it okay if I do this on my resume?

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My job in the military is Signal Support System Specialist. I was reading that I should translate the title to something more civilian as it might not get picked because of the jargon. A bit about this position:

I was trained on Computer Hardware and Networking (A+ and N+)
Microsoft XP/Outlook setup and configuration
Basic windows server Active Directory
Information Assurance
Cisco Router and Switch configuration
Setting up secure channels on Tactical Satellite
And how to use different radio equipment

Instead of using Signal Support System Specialist, should I label it as Computer/Telecommunications Technician?
I do not want it to be misleading but I want it to be accurate.

Any help is gladly appreciated.


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    That might work, I'm pretty sure I've seen a site that translates military MOS/AFSC/Ratings into their civilian counterparts (or maybe it was at ACAP/TAP). You can use the military terms if you're applying to something in the DoD (or defense contractor) world, as they will be familiar with them.
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    Yes, but the title translation you use should match the work you actually performed, not what you were trained for. I received SOME training for what a Network Admin/Engineer would do from the Air Force, but I don't list my title as a Network Admin or Engineer because I NEVER worked in a Network shop. I did however work as a Systems Administrator, so I do list that instead of "Communications Computer Systems Operations".

    You can split your Military experience up by assignment too. For example, my 1st assignment, I was a Help Desk Technician, so I use that as a title, my 2nd one I was a Systems Administrator, 3rd one, I was a Network Security Manager, etc.
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    thank you guys for the response. I will be taking what you guys said into account.
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    This would be the website to reference:

    It'll give you a break down of associated civilian careers and certifications.
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    Also go here for a general description of your duties and such: US Army Info Site: MOS 25U: Signal Support Systems Specialist

    This is assuming you are a 25U.
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    As long as the job title you put on your resume is reasonably similar to what you did and what your duties were. I don't even know what my job title was for my first systems administration job, but I've been putting "Systems Administrator" on my resume for years, and it's never been a problem. As long as you're honest and ethical about your job descriptions, minor changes in title are just fine.
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