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Hey guys,

I'm trying to compile a chart of sorts of switches organized into categories based on usage in the industry. I know this kind of knowledge comes with time and experience, but I'd really like to get a framework going that I can add to over time.

I watched a video on youtube about this topic
Cisco LAN Switching Overview - Part 4 - YouTube

•Cisco Catalyst 500 Express
Small, smb, L2, Fixed 24 ports, GUI only (no cli)
•Cisco Catalyst 2960 series
Small, smb, l2, fixed 24 or 48 ports
•Cisco Catalyst 2975 series
Small, smb, l2, stacked/ multiple 2975s stacked together treated as one logical switch
•Cisco Catalyst 3560 Series
SMB, medium, L2, L3, fixed
•Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series
SMB, medium, L2, L3, stacked
•Cisco Catalyst 4500 series
SMB, medium, large, L2, L3, (a little L4?), chassis (lan cards, modules)
•Cisco Catalyst 6500 series
Medium, large, L2, L3, (a little L4?), chassis, service modules (sslvpn, voice, wireless controller)

Would you like to add/modify anything to this list?
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    SharkDiverSharkDiver Member Posts: 844
    2950s seem to be the most common switches out there, so you may want to add that one.

    My company uses 3400 switches for MetroEthernet.

    Also, a 3524PWR is one of the cheaper Cisco PoE switches you can find on eBay.
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