nasty exam but I passed

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Passed with 850 yesterday - first go.
Its a nasty exam, I had about the first 10 questions just on permissions ( my weak point), and wasnt sure I'd passed until the exit button.
I got about 6 sims - they were straight forward if you have experience with win2k3, quite enjoyed them, just basic enable this, delete this account, move this account, and some disk management items like converting a drive to dynamic and set up a group scope.
I've done loads of exams in the past 8 years, but this one I found very testing, I mean the knowledge required was alot deeper than I expected, and certainly alot deeper than Transcender .
So save yourself some money and prepare..I really recommend setting up test labs with vmware, and getting to know the tabs and menus really well, eg Terminal server rdp-tcp configuration , & shadow copies - can they be relocated . Install a SUS, and web site. I got at least 3 questions on backups.

Oh yeah , the exam itself was a bit buggy.. some questions took about a minute to load up, and I was left looking at a white screen with just the calculator button and thinking the thing had hung. Use the time to breathe deeply and refocus icon_wink.gif


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    Congrats on the pass!
    "It doesn't matter, it's in the past!"--Rafiki
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    Would I be able to install VMWare on my win xp machine or does it have to be a new computer?
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    Congratulations on the pass.

    Why didn't you take the upgrade path through 2000 MCSA/MCSE and then the upgrade path 2003 MCSA/MCSE?
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    i remain, he who remains to be....
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    congrates on the pass icon_cool.gif
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    Thanks !
    Didnt want to do the upgrade path - I like to do things the hard way icon_rolleyes.gif
    starter wrote:
    Would I be able to install VMWare on my win xp machine or does it have to be a new computer?

    yes, you can install either VMware or Virtual PC on your host xp PC, it just lets you run multiple machines inside your host one, and these multiple machines can be bridged so they all connect to one another - so its like a vitual LAN. its a really essential way to prep for exams .
    You'll need plenty of RAM though - about 256 meg for each virtual machine.
    Good Luck!
    I'm after the 70-791 next,
    Cheers Tracey
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    Congrats...since hes mcse nt4, he should take the accelarated exam to mcse 2k *1 exam reqd, then do the mcse 2003 upgrade * 2 exams reqd

    Instead of studying for 7 exams you will only have to do 3.
    What next?
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    I'm an MCSE on NT 4.0 as well. The MCSE NT 4.0 counts as an elective so you have to do 6 exams to get the MCSE 2003 and 3 exams to get MCSA 2003. I dont think that NT 4.0 to 2000 upgrade option is available anymore. I'm going straight to 2003 now. This 2003 Server exam is really kickin my ass though. I failed it for the second time w/ a 678. Funny thing is, i feel like i'm doing pretty good on them...but when the score comes out i feel like microsoft is just laughing at me and saying tricked you again! It's really getting annoying... I'm waiting a while before I take it again. I lost my free shot too now. icon_sad.gif
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