Failed My CVoice Exam

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Well without repeating myself to much you can view my blog post:

Shawn Moore's Cisco Trek: Failed a Certification Test for the First Time Ever

First time I ever failed any of my IT certification tests, kinda feel like a failure at the moment since this is the first out five for this certification. My theory was lacking but my on-hand experience was in decent shape. Guess I'm going to re-read the entire official book along with some other focusing on my weak areas and go from there. Sucks that the exams are $200 each now otherwise it wouldn't be so bad.
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    Better to study hard and fail the first time, than to **** the exam and pass. Think of it as a really expensive study guide. What materials did you use for preparation?
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    I used the official study guide, Kevin Wallace videos, and IPExpert videos. I also used flashed cards and as many practice exams as I like. I have a couple of other books I'm going to go through and just make sure I thoroughly understand each topic this time around.
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    tough break. CCNP Voice has some sleeper tough exams. i started in this order:

    CIPT1 - passed 1st attempt
    CVOICE - passed 2nd attempt
    CIPT2 - passed 2nd attempt, though this was actually exam#2 ... after failure #1 decided to go CVOICE (2nd time was the charm).
    CAPPS - passed 1st attempt (smooth sailing on this one, scored high 900s.)
    TVOICE - passed 1st attempt, barely. by like 10 or 20 points.

    now on to CCIE-V written in 3 weeks ... reading, reading and labbing on stuff i have trouble understanding.
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    yea I'm going through the QoS study guide book from 2006 and the Gateway Gatekeeper books and it's giving me a way better understanding of these topics. Especially since I scored the lowest in these areas anyways. At the very least I know how to calculate AF PHB's to decimal and binary now lol.
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    so the gateway gatekeepers book is working out. That book is golden to me. Stil use it at least 1once a week.
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    Yea it's bridging my gaps of knowledge for sure, thanks for that book suggestion.
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