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can any one explain me BIND? icon_exclaim.gif
how it is related to DNS? and an over view of zones? icon_exclaim.gif
any good articale?site?
any help? icon_confused.gif:


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    BIND is the "Berkeley Internet Naming Daemon", probably the Internet's most used DNS-Server software. As it has a long list of security problems in the past some people (me included) like to call it the "Berkeley Internet Naming Desaster" icon_smile.gif

    BIND is available from http://www.isc.org
    It runs on most UNIX systems, a Windows port is also available.
    When setting up a new server you can choose between version 8.x and 9.x but only 9.x supports new features like DNSSEC, IXFR and IPv6.

    If you want to learn something about DNS and BIND here is a link to the ultimate book on the topic:


    As you can break a lot of things easily when doing something wrong in DNS I highly suggest reading this before touching any production DNS.

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