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I get in the high 90's or 100's when I take the practice exams on this site. The 15, 30 & 60 question practice exams. Does this mean I am ready to take the exams?

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    Ahhhh, an interesting question.

    I think the best answer would be: Only you would know.

    I think anyone could do prep questions/quizes/tests and score 90-95% especially doing them over 25 times again and again and again... Pretty much what I'm trying to say is they would most likely memorize the answers rather then actually gaining any knowledge. I'm not accusing you of memorizing test prep questions but I think if you really want to know if your ready, the best thing to do is this.

    Check out the CompTIA Network+ objectives. Go through each topic that is covered on the test. Write on a piece of paper how much you know about that. Once you did all of that. Look at what you've done. If you can write a lot and understand the information, then most likely you're ready and you're scoring 95% because you understand the information well.

    If your writing a couple pages and all the answers you wrote are somewhat directly related to the questions on your test prep, maybe you don't know enough.

    Well that's my say. Good luck weather or not you decide to take it soon.

    EDIT: Without looking in a book, can you explain what each layer of the OSI model is responsible for? More then one sentence, and can you at least give an example of one or two protocols at each layer?
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