Taking Net + exam this Friday; COMP-TIA practice test question

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I'm slated to take the Net + exam this Friday. Until today, I was nervous but somewhat confident. However, that confidence has evaporated since taking Comp-TIA's 100-question practice test today. I did poorly (73 percent) and now I am panicking.

I have studied since December. I've used the CBT Nugget video series along with Network+ Guide to Networks and Mike Meyer's Certification Passport and Wiley's Comp-TIA materials to study. I've taken numerous practice exams (Learning Key, Exam Compass, Certblaster, Wiley, TechExams.net, scoring 80 to 90 percent.

Any suggestions?


  • zrockstarzrockstar Member Posts: 378
    Most people say the practice tests are harder than the real thing. You still have a lot of time left to brush up on the areas you did poorly on. Hit the books and don't let the nerves get to you.
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    I usually try to get in the range of 85 at the min. before I take an exam..but I feel the Network+ is the easiest out of the Comptia exams....so try and study 2-5 hours a night until then...you should be fine!

    P.S: The easiest way to get through the exam is eliminating the bad choices given.
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