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I'm giving myself about 10 weeks to prepare for the A+ exams before the 2003 objectives arrive. What do guys think about this preparation:
A+ Certification Bible (ED TEDZ)
A+ Passport (Mike Meyers)
Learnkey Training and exam prep cd over 1100 questions. if i cant pass with this lot i may aswell give up.


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    fugi1 wrote:
    if i cant pass with this lot i may aswell give up.

    I agree icon_thumright.gif
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    i agree. it sounds like you certainly have the prep material to do the trick. don't forget to get some hands-on experience as well ;)
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    Just work on one discipline before looking at the other. I'm sitting for Core on 6/26 (I love vouchers!). That evening I will crack open the OS section of my study materials.

    I agree as above-- there is no substitute for hands on experience. Install an OS, upgrade it, etc. Otherwise it's just a bunch of words.

    Good luck!
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    hmm, you shouldn't really give up even if that slight chance of failure becomes reality; if you do know the basics its all good - but reviewing is the best thing to do, real world experience is also important **as said above**

    Go through all the steps to get to certain places in the OSs, (if you have Win2k, and win9icon_cool.gif write down the steps of getting to the Drevice manager and places that seem obscure **printer icon**
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