passed CCNA today with 968

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man i am so relieved. I am so glad it is over. i had like 27 minutes left when i got done. this is my first cert ever so i am pretty happy right now. i took the test a month ago and got like a 735 or something like that. my score break down tosay was overall 968 and:
Planning and design 100%
Implementation and Operations 100%
Troubleshooting 90%
Technology 91%
I think the most difficult part of this test was knowing which third party books to study and which software to buy. I would recommend using the cisco books, boson test engine and transcender. I think transcender was probably the best engine. well i am off.... i cant stop smiling.
one more thing how much harder is ccnp than ccna. someone told me that it is easier because it is broken down into smaller more digestable pieces. is this true any thoughts
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    Congratulations on your pass! icon_thumright.gif
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    thats an awesome score, I know a pass is a pass, but getting a really score sure makes you feel good doesnt it. I aced the MS 70-210, and I felt like the master of W2k pro, the remaining 6 tests for my MCSE I didnt get close to acing, but passed :D
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    many many congrates on such a good SCORE... icon_lol.gif
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    Hello leighgc I am just wondering how may and what types of sims did you get? I am hoping to take the CCNA exam (for the FIRST AND LAST time) somewhere in the middle of July. :D
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    wow...that is amazing!!congrats
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    I'd like it if someone would respond to this old post. How much harder is the CCNP compared to the CCNA?

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    Impressive score, Great job. Well done my friend.

    How long did you study for and did you use home lab or simulation software?
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    thousand CONGRAT ~~!! nice score u have !!!!! effort not wasted !~ icon_lol.gif
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    congrats nice score :)
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    Great job my friend icon_thumright.gif
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    yeah for you
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    Well done sir, an excellent score.

    To answer your question regarding the CCNP. No i don't believe it is easier than the CCNA.

    It is taken in chunks yes, but each chunk contains the same amount of information as your CCNA did.

    I think there are four of these exams you need to take for the CCNP.
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