What were your scores on Linux+?

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I'm interested to hear from Linux+ exam takers:

What score did you get on each exam?
How long did each exam take you to complete?

Thanks :)


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    I have only taken the first part LX0-101 which I took at the end of January and I barely passed, I scored 509. I started to study in November, I barely knew anything about Linux before I started and my aeverage study time is 7 - 10 Hrs per Week. I used the study guide by Roderick Smith and I supplemented with Linux Administration - A Beginners Guide by Wale Soyinka.

    My experience is that the Roderick Smith Study Guide covers almost everything, however you have to use supplementary materials to broaden your understanding of each topic. Another thing everyone will tell you is practice and practice, which should not be a problem with VirtualBox. I am planning to take the second part within the next 3 weeks.
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    I forgot my scores but I studied about 2-3 weeks per exam (but I have linux experience).
  • techinthewoodstechinthewoods Posts: 96Member ■■□□□□□□□□
    Newbie question: are the tests taken on a computer, or on paper?
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    I have only taken the first exam, planning to take next exam this Saturday....I've scored 600, it took me one hour to take the exam and i prepared for about 2 months with Trainsignal videos and Sybex book. I have also installed virtual Ubuntu box on VMware where I practiced the commands.
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    got a 740 on both.
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    660 on 1st half
    770 on 2nd half
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