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Hi Guys

A+ D-day is fast approaching and I'm looking to continue the confidence building by doing well in test exams.

I've been using the Preplogic Preview for all of my test exams to date (70 questions) and having spotted one or two innacuracies, I'm wondering whether to splash £60 for the full version of the A+ Preplogic or splash a little bit more (£90) and go for the transcenders

I have to admit, I've tried the transcender demos and I like the look and feel of them as well as the supporting notes for the answers.

But are they worth the extra £30??!!

What do you think?




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    Click the small Transcender banner on the left in the navigation menu, you will be able to save a lot...
    But are they worth the extra £30??!!

    Definitely. I'm not saying this because they are one of our advertisers, it is vice versa: I want them as an advertiser simply because they offer the best product. If you can spend a little more, buy Transcender. They do not only have the best questions, their explanations are very good and accurate and they provide several references per question... + they offer a money-back guarantee.

    Nevertheless, PrepLogic offers a very decent product as well... icon_wink.gif
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