Stuff to write down before exam?

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Evidently you can write down your own notes after you sit down to take the exam. In the book Darril suggests writing down the open ports table as a reference. My question is what other little notes would be good to learn/memorize and then write down just after you sit?


  • DarrilDarril Member Posts: 1,588
    Part of this is up to you and depends on what you're having trouble remembering.

    Sometimes people have trouble with the cryptography section so writing down a list of hashing algorithms, symmetric encryption protocols, and asymmetric encryption protocols can be helpful. Also, when it comes to asymmetric encryption, remembering which key encrypts and which key decrypts is sometimes confusing when it's your first exposure to these concepts. The bullets at the bottom of page 430 summarize the important points and may be worth writing down if you're having trouble keeping them straight after reading through the topics.

    Good luck.
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