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Hello all,

I have recently started to study the CCNA:V track. I purchased the CCNA Voice OCG by Jeremy Cioara, and it is a wonderful book. However, when the book discusses setting up the TFTP services for the IP phone firmware files, it seems they are meant for using SCCP. In addition, all of the commands that are used to setup CME are under telephone-service. I had it all configured using that, but I would like to setup my phones to use SIP. So I have downloaded the correct firmware files to use.

My question is this: is telephoney service meant for implementing SCCP connections to VoIP phones, and is voice register global meant for implementing SIP connections to VoIP phones? The book was a little vague about this...



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    Yes, that is correct – For a purely SiP environment you would use “voice register global” instead of telephony-services, and voice register DNs and pools instead of ephone-DNs and ephones. Of course Cisco wants you to use SiP trunks with SCCP loads on the phones (which is probably why it’s not very well documented at the certification level).
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    Wasnt aware that you could use sccp loads with sip trunks.
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    Yeah the SIP trunk is just the delivery of the call - your sccp phones still register up to the CME, but the call is passed over the SIP trunk.

    The sip loads are not well documented at all..
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