Which is your preferred distro?



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    brownwrapbrownwrap Member Posts: 549
    I'm guessing most people are here for certification, and in that regard one needs to know package managers. I would also guess, the ultimate goal here is to land a job and for that one needs to know how to do all of which I previously mentioned.
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    paul78paul78 Member Posts: 3,016 ■■■■■■■■■■
    Good point - it all depends what type of job you want to land. icon_wink.gif I enjoy Linux internals so my viewpoint is probably very different. And I'm not looking to be a Linux admin.

    I see that you have advocated LFS several times. I agree that LFS is a good way to learn and offers good foundational knowledge. My point about building Xorg is that it's not particularly challenging for me - I used to port X11 servers and clients to new architectures - so I've kinda had enough of X other than as a user.

    IIRC, you mentioned you were working in BLS - hope that's fun. I was reading some of the material last year and it's pretty interesting.
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    brownwrapbrownwrap Member Posts: 549
    I always say I finished LFS, but in fact I went on to BLFS. I have finished the project twice. The first time a few years ago, the 2nd time I finished up a few weeks ago. I have been a Red Hat Admin in the past, today I work Solaris, but have worked IRIX, HP, and an old version of AIX. I'm tried to get certified in Linux because even though I'm certified in Sol 10, people insist on Linux certs in government jobs.

    I did BLFS a 2nd time, becuase the first time around I could never get KDE up, so I installed Gnome. This time I did finish up KDE, but added Apache, BIND, LDAP, and other servers. I prefer working on projects that don't require much direct interface with users. The Red Hat job was really backing up 80 machines and a 50 TB NetApps. That was a large NAS at the time, but not any more. Now I support servers that are accessed from through the world by users, but I have no direct interface with users, but sometimes working with other SAs and DBAs can be just as big a pain.
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