Looking for confirmation or revocation of my understanding...

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Hey all. So I'm not working on CCNA:W yet, in fact studying for ROUTE. But work has handed me the entire wireless network and made me the primary engineer. Time to learn this or die trying. Here's what I'm looking for help with...

Lets say we have the following:

Office A: VLAN 105 for Private Network and VLAN 100 for Public Wifi
Offive B: VLAN 205 for Private Network and VLAN 100 for Public Wifi

Core Switch: 6509 running Sup 720 and WiSM

If we were to add an Office C with a Private VLAN of 305 would I need to add that VLAN to the wism controller command on the 6509?

'wism module 7 controller 1 allowed-vlan 5,100,105,205,305'

If so then I presume that would need to be done for any and all subsequent VLANs correct?

NOTE: Assume VLAN 5 is for communication between the WiSM and Sup 720 Service Ports.
2nd NOTE: Assuming the Service Ports aren't communicating, what's the impact to the module?

I've been unable to test any of my theory's as of yet due to the fact that it is in production and we have no wireless lab, therefore any and all changes are in maintenance windows.
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