CCIE Lab Exam, any help

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Hi guys,
I start to study for CCIE R&S Lab exam, but I am very confusing about how to study. I read in many forums that is highly recommend sticking to INE/IPexpert self-study material. Bootcamps for IE lab are the biggest waste of time and money. Someone say [(I’ve sat through two of them). I’m pretty sure a lot of people will probably disagree with me on this but the bottom line is that you don’t get your money’s worth when you go through a 10-12 day boot camp. In the boot camps, the lab material is the same as the self-study material and the instructors are there to clarify any confusion that you “may” have but I have found that the explanations in the study material are much better than what you get from an instructor in the boot camp. Both boot camps that I went through had CCIE instructors but they only know (or pretend to know) what is in the study material that they provide you, anything outside of that always has the same answer “I haven’t tried that. I will check it out and let you know”.]
They also recommend that you save the boot camp money and build a nice rack and use the rest to buy the self-study material.

Please any help, because I already register to boot camp in India.


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    Couldn't agree more. Well said.
    I once sat through Cisco 360 CIERS 2 bootcamp and wondered what I was doing there.. it was the exact same labs that you were supposed to do "on your own at home".

    Easiest job ever to be instructor for that class.
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    I'm not sure what to tell you, but when you go to INE/IPexpert there bootcamp material is different from what you can buy, and I'm not sure what all the other vendors are doing, but with the numbers INE and IPexpert put up(ine for example 3000 passed through there halls) is hard to argue with.

    Also with that said going to a bootcamp in India your millage my vary. I've heard horror stories going of those bootcamps and how the instructors aren't even qualified to teach CCNA, but still manager to teach IE level course work. Not saying this about all the bootcamps in India are bad and all in the US are great, but do your research into the vendor you choose and see if people felt like they got there monies worth.
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    Thanks guys, any other idea.
  • auosauos Member Posts: 186
    Guys, any idea about some one how pass CCIE Lab exam without join to boot-camp.
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    INE/IPexpert or other vendor's self study material is enough. Buy both the theory and lab material and you'll be set.
    Preferably go over labs from multiple vendors before attempting the real lab.
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    Great, thx thadizzy.
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