Pentesting: Getting Alfa AWUS036H to work - fixed it thought id share

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I am new to Pentesting and thinking of taking a qualification. Anyway to learn some basics (I am new) i thought id download Backtrack and play around a bit to understand how it all works - the tools etc.

Anyways, I bought the Alfa AWUS036H which is a highly recommend scanner. I had a few issues trying to get it to work but I found the fix which I thought Id share (nb anyone reading this who thinks I am wrong pls chime in)

Basically you have to load the rtl8187 chipset which (should I believe) be automatically installed with BT5 R1
modprobe rtl8187

To check it has loaded correctly:

And it should be listed - then you need to change monitor mode if you are testing or keep on managed to receive data.

Hope that helps someone like it did me - and please tell me if I did this incorrectly thanks


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