Decided to try for my CWNA

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Originally i was going to leave doing the CWNA as wanted to focus more on my CCNP but seeing as i'm still off work i think i should try to make as much use of the time and try to do it before objectives change. SO going to make a go of the CWNA.
I have train signals CWNA course.Hopefully this will serve me well.

Any tips for me? are their any particular topics i should be wary of? anything that is scary or may attempt to bite me very hard when i'm not looking ? you know the kind.Every exam seems to have at least one little git of a topic right.

I did hear the CWNA(think i read here or someplace else) is a very difficult exam due to the answers in the multiple choice being very tricky.
I'm an Xpert at nothing apart from remembering useless information that nobody else cares about.


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    JDMurrayJDMurray Admin Posts: 13,054 Admin
    How easy the CWNA exam will be for you depends on how much you already know about 802.11 networking and how enjoyable you find studying the material.

    You already have the CWTS, so you have an idea of what taking a CWNP exam is like. The "tricky" nature of the exam items is to test if you really understand the concepts. If you do, you'll be able to immediately rule our two answer options as inapplicable, and be able to intelligently pick which of the remaining two options is more correct than the other.
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