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Hey guys, PPDIOO and Implementation/Verification topics seem to come up frequently when Discussing ROUTE and SWITCH. Here is a fantastic document on PPDIOO that was a reference for another Article on PPDIOO that I read. We will see when exam day comes next week, but the more I read material on these topics from different sources, the better feel I get for what Cisco is wanting to test on as I see recurring keywords in my practice tests and the Cisco docs. Maybe we can make this a sticky for everyone to contribute?

Article on PPDIOO

Cisco's PPDIOO Network Cycle > Overview



Repository of Cisco Best Practice Designs

Cisco Validated Designs * [Cisco Validated Design Program] - Cisco Systems

Check out the Enterprise design guides, they are a wealth of knowledge on Core, Distribution, Access best practices.
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    Excellent - thanks!

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    Saved to Evernote, Thanks!
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